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Worthington OEM Compressor Shaft Rebuild / Remanufacture Model List

This is a list of Worthington compressor models and shaft OEM part numbers that we can remanufacture to OEM specification. If you don't see your Worthington shaft model here, give us a call.

  Model Part # Casting Cylinders
2J Series 2JF2 RSK610 2
2JF3 RSK611 3
2JF5 RSK612 5
2V Series 2V-4 RSK330 CKS180R 4
2V-6 RSK181R CKS181R 6
2V-8 RSK332 CKS182R 8
2VX-4 RSK770 522935-1 4
2VX-6 RSK771 522934-R 6
2VX-8 RSK772 522933-R 8
3V Series 3VC, 3VL, 3VH RSK336 550972 4
RSK337 550971 5, 6
RSK338 550970 7, 8
3VXC, 3VXL RSK789 523415 8
3" Bore Model V COM1065D RSK-810 CKS-71001 5, 6
COM1070C RSK-811 523415-1 7, 8
3J Models 3JF41, 3HF4 CKS-140A CKS123-4 4
3JS4, 3HS4 CKS-124A CKS123 4
3JF6, 3HF6 CKS-141A CKS110 6
4J Models 4JF4, 4JA4 CKS-142A CKS-23R 4
4JF6, 4JA6 CKS-143A CKS-23R 6
6J Models 6JF4, 6JA4 CKS-144A CKS-25 4
6JF6, 6JA6 CKS-145A 26223 6

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